Test Card – Rediffusion

Vancouver-based Lee Nicholson has joined forces with the terrific Greek label Sound In Silence. His second LP under the name Test Card is a polished downtempo effort that, despite its complexity, demonstrates a wonderfully light touch. Nicholson’s sophistication is hard earned. In the 1990s, he fronted an English indie band called Formula One. Subsequent projects … Continue reading Test Card – Rediffusion

Shelf Nunny – Little Time We Have

Talk about a velvet touch. Seattle’s Christian Gunning is back with a second release under the Shelf Nunny brand. This five-track EP is among the best downtempo releases to cross my desk this year. Available from local favourite Hush Hush Records, the EP’s promo sheet describes Gunning’s “exploration towards pop territory.” This is both an … Continue reading Shelf Nunny – Little Time We Have