Speaker Music – Of Desire, Longing

It’s sometimes said that artists who choose a December release date do so at the expense of their showing up on best-of-the-year lists. While it’s true that the reverse can be argued, DeForrest Brown, Jr. need not worry about timing. He’s produced one of 2019’s most exceptional records, under the name Speaker Music. Exceptional not … Continue reading Speaker Music – Of Desire, Longing

Hecker – Inspection II / Pip – Possible Worlds

A pair of extraordinary 60-plus-minute works dropped last week. Like a lot of lengthy pieces, both are immersive listening experiences that are memorable for more than just their running time. The similarities end there however. It’s difficult to imagine two recordings, released on the same day, less alike than this pair. Florian Hecker’s Inspection II … Continue reading Hecker – Inspection II / Pip – Possible Worlds

Various Artists – On Corrosion

Full marks to The Helen Scarsdale Agency for its decision to celebrate release #50 with a 10-cassette package housed in this handsome wooden box. We’ve seen a number of labels celebrate landmark releases with compilations, collaborations and so forth. This one outdoes them all. The package features work by Alice Kemp, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, … Continue reading Various Artists – On Corrosion

Jean-Philippe Gross – Curling and Reflex

September is a month for celebrating industriousness. In the northern hemisphere, summer is drawing to a close. Our children have returned to school and workplaces buzz with preparations for another year-end. French composer Jean-Philippe Gross is making more than his share of contributions to all of this. He has produced two new albums, and launched … Continue reading Jean-Philippe Gross – Curling and Reflex

Clarice Jensen – Drone Studies

Brooklyn’s Clarice Jensen has established an international reputation as an accomplished cellist, composer and collaborator. Her resume includes recordings and performances with a long list of heavyweights: Jóhann Jóhannsson, Max Richter and Blonde Redhead among them. She’s also artistic director of the American Contemporary Music Ensemble. Drone Studies is her second solo release. As the … Continue reading Clarice Jensen – Drone Studies