Hecker – Inspection II / Pip – Possible Worlds

A pair of extraordinary 60-plus-minute works dropped last week. Like a lot of lengthy pieces, both are immersive listening experiences that are memorable for more than just their running time. The similarities end there however. It’s difficult to imagine two recordings, released on the same day, less alike than this pair. Florian Hecker’s Inspection II … Continue reading Hecker – Inspection II / Pip – Possible Worlds

Various Artists – On Corrosion

Full marks to The Helen Scarsdale Agency for its decision to celebrate release #50 with a 10-cassette package housed in this handsome wooden box. We’ve seen a number of labels celebrate landmark releases with compilations, collaborations and so forth. This one outdoes them all. The package features work by Alice Kemp, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, … Continue reading Various Artists – On Corrosion

Mats Eilertsen – Reveries and Revelations

Our ability to share large files of data with collaborators around the world electronically is still a relatively recent development. The practice has become central to many musicians’ process. The opportunity to partner with like-minded artists around the world from the comfort of a home studio has given us countless recordings that would have otherwise … Continue reading Mats Eilertsen – Reveries and Revelations