Five New Releases from Shimmering Moods

Next month marks the seventh anniversary of the debut release from Amsterdam's Shimmering Moods Records. Paul (he prefers to go by his first name only) continues to introduce us to well-appointed ambient releases. The label's consistent high quality stands out in a more-than-crowded corner of contemporary music. This month's batch of new releases features five … Continue reading Five New Releases from Shimmering Moods

Discussions: Aidan Baker

Aidan Baker is a prolific Toronto-born multi-instrumentalist who calls Berlin home now. We talked about his work, what it says about the world around him and the city he and his partner Leah Buckareff have called home for 12 years. Baker has multiple European dates lined up this spring and summer, including the A … Continue reading Discussions: Aidan Baker

Fax and Braulio Lam release Follow-up to Mixed Signals

Ruben Tamayo and Braulio Lam have released a follow-up to their finely crafted Mixed Signals 2020 release on Dragon's Eye Recordings. Mixed Signals II landed Friday. These four new pieces were recorded in Mexico, "between Tijuana and Mexicali" according to the notes. They combine acoustic instruments with electric guitars, field recordings and synthesizers. You'll find … Continue reading Fax and Braulio Lam release Follow-up to Mixed Signals

New Fields We Found LP to Benefit Voices of Children in Ukraine

U.K. sound artist Fields We Found will donate all proceeds from Expanse, a new release that dropped Mar. 1. The album is available via Bandcamp as a name-your-price download until Mar. 18. "I just wanted to do something to help," says Fields We Found. "The situation in Ukraine is so bleak. [We've] raised well over … Continue reading New Fields We Found LP to Benefit Voices of Children in Ukraine

New Series Launched by Whitelabrecs

Harry Towell has launched another new series on his splendid Whitelabrecs label. Dubbed eRecords, the releases will "aim to transform the digital format into something closer to how a listener might interaction with a real, white label vinyl record," according to a promotionale mail. "Each edition includes a special PDF scrapbook including polaroids and liner … Continue reading New Series Launched by Whitelabrecs

Ambient Mixtape 8

A special episode dedicated to homework - year 5, from taâlem. ellende - breakfast in durban 0.00 aidan baker - a late summer dronesong 7.15 nullkommajosefh | jørgen brønlund quartet - sauerteig (2020) 13.50 modelbau - the impossible man 19.10 michael northam - thegreatwandering(excerpts) 29.32 pollypraha/takeyuki hakozaki - japanese whispers 46.47 strom noir - evening loop #7 50.19 fabio orsi - wandering … Continue reading Ambient Mixtape 8

Various Artists – Realismo Mágico

Valencia’s Piano and Coffee Records is part of an international collective “working together for the love of art.” The group’s goal, according to its website is to “push boundaries and creative conversation.” To date, the imprint’s contribution to that conversation has featured a sophisticated mix of ambient, electronic and new classical works. Peru’s Sergio Diaz … Continue reading Various Artists – Realismo Mágico