Michael Vincent Waller – Moments

New York composer Michael Vincent Waller has delivered a third album to his quickly growing fanbase. Moments features R. Andrew Lee on piano and the celebrated William Winant on vibraphone. This weekend’s edition of The Moderns will feature excerpts from an interview Waller and I conducted last week. Here’s an edited version that includes material … Continue reading Michael Vincent Waller – Moments

The Moderns ep. 74

3Musketiere - Go 0.00Leblanc/Gibson/Vicente/Mira/Ferreira Lopes - Transmission 3.55Dor Herskovits - Scottish Fold 12.33Konstrukt + Ken Vandermark - Diggin’ That Harmolody 17.09Kobra Quartet - Telly Attire 21.41inaud1bl3 - mindphone interloop 31.17Socks & Ballerinas - On Sunday 33.08Morze - foton 1NIE&S1 (8SAX)_vEBB 34.02Healers co. - Ultimate fool 41.35RAIC - Cheapo Container 43.25HVOB - Bloom (Fink Remix) 45.24Red … Continue reading The Moderns ep. 74