Speaker Music – Of Desire, Longing

It’s sometimes said that artists who choose a December release date do so at the expense of their showing up on best-of-the-year lists. While it’s true that the reverse can be argued, DeForrest Brown, Jr. need not worry about timing. He’s produced one of 2019’s most exceptional records, under the name Speaker Music. Exceptional not … Continue reading Speaker Music – Of Desire, Longing

Kajsa Lindgren – Everyone is here

It’s been just over a year since Stockholm’s Kajsa Lindgren delivered her debut recording Hyperdelia. That was followed earlier this year by Longform Editions, and now her third LP Everyone is here. The 29-year-old composer and sound artist deserves your attention. Her latest combines recordings of her childhood and family members with new voice and … Continue reading Kajsa Lindgren – Everyone is here