The Moderns ep. 74

3Musketiere - Go 0.00Leblanc/Gibson/Vicente/Mira/Ferreira Lopes - Transmission 3.55Dor Herskovits - Scottish Fold 12.33Konstrukt + Ken Vandermark - Diggin’ That Harmolody 17.09Kobra Quartet - Telly Attire 21.41inaud1bl3 - mindphone interloop 31.17Socks & Ballerinas - On Sunday 33.08Morze - foton 1NIE&S1 (8SAX)_vEBB 34.02Healers co. - Ultimate fool 41.35RAIC - Cheapo Container 43.25HVOB - Bloom (Fink Remix) 45.24Red … Continue reading The Moderns ep. 74

The Moderns September Extra

Francesco Devincenti - Maths 0.00Empathy Family - Morning 4.15BUNKR - For the Birds 8.02Omahara - Part 2 13.03droneroom - People Hold Candles 21.57Andreas Trobollowitsch - V2 28.37Ed Carlsen - The Gallery 40.22Principleasure - Qom 43.32Transparent Sound - Lying Tongues 45.11Steffi x Virginia - Work A Change (Instrumental) 50.28Max Duke - Animals 55.55Evigt Mörker - Kvävd … Continue reading The Moderns September Extra

Hecker – Inspection II / Pip – Possible Worlds

A pair of extraordinary 60-plus-minute works dropped last week. Like a lot of lengthy pieces, both are immersive listening experiences that are memorable for more than just their running time. The similarities end there however. It’s difficult to imagine two recordings, released on the same day, less alike than this pair. Florian Hecker’s Inspection II … Continue reading Hecker – Inspection II / Pip – Possible Worlds