Hanging Valleys – Behind the Backs of Houses

London duo Hanging Valleys is out with a new EP that is near breathtaking in its tenderness. Thom Byles and Michael Phillips describe their music as “ambient-indie,” which is both accurate and woefully insufficient as an expression of what they do. Byles and I connected by email last week. How did you meet, and what … Continue reading Hanging Valleys – Behind the Backs of Houses

The Moderns ep. 93

Eilis Frawley - strangers 0.00John Chantler & Johannes Lund - Back of the House 4.09Against All Logic   - Illusions of Shameless Abundance (feat. Lydia Lunch) 18.00OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE - Jettatura 23.30Emika - Dilo 21 31.18Mirek Coutigny - Ripples 35.11Anáhuac - Y_y 39.21Philippe Petit - Return to Tomorrow... is this the End 48.59Mhysa - ropeburn 1.01.52Moses Boyd … Continue reading The Moderns ep. 93

Olivia Louvel – SculptOr

In the 1980s, I was lucky enough to study radio documentary production with Stuart McLean as part of my journalism training. Besides being one of Canada’s great storytellers, McLean regularly pushed the radio doc format in unexpected directions. (Terribly afraid of heights, he once recorded himself climbing up into the operator booth of a skyscraper … Continue reading Olivia Louvel – SculptOr

The Corrupting Sea – The Healing House of Light

The title of Jason T. Lamoreaux’s latest is more than a poetic turn of phrase. That House of Light is in fact the office or Dr. Light, with whom Lamoreaux has been receiving mental health treatment. “I thank Dr. Light for his incredible talent as a doctor and caregiver,” he writes in the album’s notes. … Continue reading The Corrupting Sea – The Healing House of Light