OSMR: Bolt Gun – Begotten

A giant, melodic, primal scream of a post-rock noise record: off-the-Richter-scale brilliant. Kevin Press One-sentence music reviews (OSMR) are designed to spread the word about as many new releases as possible during the COVID-19 crisis. The idea is simple – support artists and get great new releases in front of music lovers.


Bypass - Blómavasi 0.00Tripeo - Shatter That Glass Ceiling 2.22Audio Pervert - Quiet Someone 5.25Joyce Muniz - What’s Your Name feat. Demetrius (Instrumental) 9.20Bell Towers - Golden Wool 11.52Fabrizio Lapiana - Crystal 15.59Tim Engelhardt - First Contact 18.30La Napoule - Nathan Micay's Life In Every Breath Remix 22.30Matthias Meyer - Fantazy 25.30Matuss - Solicitors Are … Continue reading BADD PRESS Mix 52

The Moderns ep. 98

Levi Patel - Her angled beauty 0.00Apartment House/Julius Aglinskas - V 3.55Shuta Hiraki - IV 10.55Christopher Bissonnette - Color Deceives Continuously 20.57Sun City Girls - Keep Your Eyes Open 29.22Prolaps - Overrealmed 46.34Aaron Spectre - Killasound 50.09White Heaven - Fallin' Stars End 53.41Mute Duo - Canopy Bells 1.03.52Ben Bertrand - Morton and György in the … Continue reading The Moderns ep. 98