Jean-Philippe Gross – Curling and Reflex

September is a month for celebrating industriousness. In the northern hemisphere, summer is drawing to a close. Our children have returned to school and workplaces buzz with preparations for another year-end. French composer Jean-Philippe Gross is making more than his share of contributions to all of this. He has produced two new albums, and launched … Continue reading Jean-Philippe Gross – Curling and Reflex

The Cray Twins – In the Company of Architects

It’s not often we hear such advanced, confident work on a composer’s sophomore release. With In the Company of Architects, collaborators Paul Baran and Gordon Kennedy have delivered an exceptional illustration of the adage: two creative minds are better than one. The pair compose music as The Cray Twins. For this release, they have assembled … Continue reading The Cray Twins – In the Company of Architects


It is remarkable how little music instruments change over time. Percussionists still pound drums and various other found objects. Symphony orchestras, even those with the most modernist repertoires, are not fundamentally different than they were one or two centuries ago. And the synthesizer, arguably the 20th century’s most significant musical step forward is still operated … Continue reading OTSO – AAVE

Mike Hansen – Paradox (a study of musique concrete)

One of my more embarrassing radio moments came in the early 1990s, as I began to develop an interest in the history of experimental music. Not having paid sufficient attention in French class, I was forever mispronouncing words containing the language’s various accents: l’accent aigu, l’accent grave, etc. This meant that the enthusiasm with which … Continue reading Mike Hansen – Paradox (a study of musique concrete)

Francisco López and Miguel A. García – Ekkert Nafn

Artists who produce instrumental music – or to put it more precisely, music that doesn’t feature vocals – are often asked how they decide on titles. At the risk of sounding elitist, that always struck me as one of the dumber questions in music journalism. Sure, not all music lends itself naturally to a pithy … Continue reading Francisco López and Miguel A. García – Ekkert Nafn