Francisco López and Miguel A. García – Ekkert Nafn

Artists who produce instrumental music – or to put it more precisely, music that doesn’t feature vocals – are often asked how they decide on titles. At the risk of sounding elitist, that always struck me as one of the dumber questions in music journalism. Sure, not all music lends itself naturally to a pithy … Continue reading Francisco López and Miguel A. García – Ekkert Nafn

Angelina Yershova – CosmoTengri

The electronics will strike you first. At various times frenetic, moody and ritualistic, they do more than simply decorate these seven pieces. They are the album’s solid, sometimes gritty foundation. As appealing as they are, don’t let them distract you from the larger purpose of this exceptional new disc. Kazakhstan’s Angelina Yershova has delivered a … Continue reading Angelina Yershova – CosmoTengri

Andreas Usenbenz & Christoph Lammers – Drawing in Sound

This piece’s title is intended to be taken literally. Andreas Usenbenz produced a soundscape incorporating objects, lo-fi and contact microphones, field recordings, guitar, ebow, looper, iPad, dictaphone, cassettes, tape loops, an OP-1 synthesizer and field kit, according to the album’s notes. Artist and Curator Andreas Pytlik responded to Usenbenz’s work – and vice versa – … Continue reading Andreas Usenbenz & Christoph Lammers – Drawing in Sound

Best of 2018 – L to M

The Best of 2018: A to C, D to G, H to K. Ingrid Laubrock – Contemporary Chaos Practices Karoline Leblanc/Ernesto Rodrigues/Nicolas Caloia – Autoschediasm Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – Epoques Klara Lewis & Simon Fisher Turner – Care Mikael Lind – Strings And Clusters Jakob Lindhagen – Paces Tim Linghaus – Memory Sketches Listening Group – Listening Group … Continue reading Best of 2018 – L to M