Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe – Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe

“Good-bye, I’m leaving now.” So begins one of this year’s finest vocal performances. Tess Parks’ smoky barroom vocals aren’t all swagger. Her performance on this self-titled effort is too accomplished to be described with that kind of shorthand. She is a new Hope Sandoval, more soulful and less abstruse. When paired with Anton Newcombe, front … Continue reading Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe – Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe

Love in the Sixth Soundtrack

In the finely crafted words of director/co-writer/co-star Jude Klassen, Love in the Sixth is “a feminist film although I suppose somebody’s being objectified somewhere. It’s so hard to keep up, baby.” There is no better way to introduce the impressive soundrack to this self-described “unromantic musical comedy about extinction.” Klassen’s sharp wit and ability to … Continue reading Love in the Sixth Soundtrack