Esc.rec. Launches Pick & Mix Series

Esc.rec. has introduced its Pick & Mix series. DJs have been invited to put together a set of favourites from the label, which will be made available on Bandcamp as a name-your-price download.

“The downside of having a large label catalogue is that older releases tend to disappear from the public eye,” writes the label’s owner Harco Rutgers in the release notes. “A shame really, because there is so much excellent stuff hidden away in there. That’s why I decided to ask several DJs who are more or less familiar with the label to dig deep and make a mix of their favourite Esc.rec. tracks. Their fresh pairs of ears will no doubt have you listening and (re-)discovering tracks that are buried deep in the catalogue, but haven’t lost their shine.”

Bastian Benjamin produced the first entry. Fans of the label will recognize that name from his 2021 remix of
Frond’s “Transforming Around Us.”

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