Quiet Details Label Launching with The Humble Bee Release

Alex of Fields We Found will launch a new label on Feb. 15 called Quiet Details. The Humble Bee’s lichen cloak on a white stone is the imprint’s first release.

“Craig’s a huge inspiration and this album could be my favourite of his yet,” says Alex. Each of the label’s releases will focus on the artist’s interpretation of the phrase “quiet details.”

“After all the positivity and support for my releases as Fields we Found … and meeting some incredible people along the way, it inspired me to start a label – to give back to the community that’s given me so much and to give artists space to explore the idea with complete creative freedom,” says Alex.

Future releases by Field Lines Cartographer, Luke Sanger, bvdub, zakè, Ian Hawgood, Cat Tyson Hughes, The Lifted Index and others are planned.

“All artists I love, from across the music and sound worlds, with the focus mainly on ambient, electroacoustic, electronic, drone, field recordings, down-tempo and modern classical,” says Alex. “Every release will be accompanied by artwork handmade in-house, with the music and each artist’s intuition as a guide to the palette and structure. Each piece will be made through a combination of paper-making, natural dyes, mixed media and analogue photography. The CDs and other physical media will be presented, where possible, as a special continuous mix, available exclusively on that format – we love long-form listening and want the music to be experienced exactly as the artist intended.”

The label has chosen Tonic Music for Mental Health as a charity partner. The group provides the Recovery Through Music program for those dealing with mental health issues, and the Tonic Rider program that promotes good mental health in the music business.

lichen cloak on a white stone is a sure-footed first step. Wonderfully textured, it will make the next 55 minutes of your life better than the last.

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