Must See: Etceteral – Meadow Sage

Slovenian multimedia trio Etceteral released a new album on Friday, entitled Rhizome.

Its first single is a tribute to meadow sage, “a common plant with healing potential,” says band member Boštjan Simon. “It cured me from an illness I was struggling with for years.”

Simon performs saxophone, synthesizer and electronics on the new album. He’s joined by bandmates Marek Fakuč on drums and visual artist Lina Rica. As its title suggest, the album incorporates multiple forms of music.

“I like to think in terms of sonic rubber bands,” says Simon. “We can stretch our music both rhythmically and harmonically, change tonality and return to the main theme through a different key. This process opens up new space for discovery. We recently listened a lot to Joshua Abrams and Evan Parker, musicians who know how to make their music airy and spacious.”

The album is out on Glitterbeat Records.

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