Discussions: Cindytalk

The new Cindytalk album launches tomorrow on the False Walls label. Subterminal features four glittering sound art pieces, two of which we debuted on episode 227 of The Moderns.

Cinder and I talked over the summer in advance of the premier. They’re an absolute pleasure to interview. Artists who’ve been around 40-plus years are often reticent about discussing the past. Not so with Cinder. We talked as much about the punk and post-punk movements as we did the new work.

This meant a lot to me, not just because I’m a long-time admirer. There is a direct line between the experimentation of those earlier periods and a lot of today’s most adventurous contemporary music. Established artists like Cinder demonstrate this clearly; each new release further evolving the idea of what new music can be.

We talked about why improvisation has been central to Cindytalk performances, the gorgeous new album and the real reason Pete Shelley wore a suit on the cover of “Homosapien.”

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