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Must See: Rival Consoles – Vision of Self

Rival Consoles’ new album Now Is landed Friday on Erased Tapes. This is the work of London’s Ryan Lee West.

He partnered with animator Maria Medem on this video for the track “Vision of Self.” West says he’s been looking for an opportunity to work with Medem for years. “I am so happy that it happened on this particular song, because I feel her style is perfectly harmonious with the nature of this piece of music.”

“The idea behind the whole animation is exploring, without judgment, how we change through life and how what we live shapes us, while we shape others as well,” says Medem. “I’ve used plenty of symbols to try to evoke atmospheres and feelings without the need of being too explicit and to give some room to the watcher to let those symbols have a personal meaning for them. In the animation, some actions, like throwing a stone, doesn’t have an immediate consequence, but with time, it does have an effect. That’s how through the whole story, different elements, in principle with no relation with each other, are finally connected.”

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