World Premiere: Benjamin Louis Brody – Oscillations

oscillations Susan Records has kindly asked me to present the world premiere of Benjamin Louis Brody’s new work “Oscillations” this weekend. Please tune into The Moderns on Sunday at 8 pm (ET). That’s 12 midnight GMT.

The piece features Brody on synthesizer, and trombone performances by Alaina Alster and Max Sholl. The players circle around one another throughout. Brody’s synth spins off tightly pitched waves, while regal trombones draw larger loops around the electronics. The effect is both rousing and mesmerizing.

Brody, who calls Brooklyn home, has developed an international reputation for pushing the ambient genre in the direction of post-rock and modern classical music. Earlier this year, his Far Away Music featured four works built entirely of sounds lifted from his own back catalogue.

Brody composes music on a giant scale. He is a Philip Glass for the 21st century. This new piece will only widen his audience.

Please join us Sunday night.

Kevin Press

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