Halftribe – For The Summer, Or Forever

halftribeHalftribe’s label DRONARIVM describes the album in the concise minimalist tradition as a “laconic haze, ethereal, curiosities, nostalgic glimpses and fictional illusions.” This invented world places the listener in an atmospheric reverie with its hazy soft synths.

As the listener follows the course of summer,  the album expresses all the dynamic facets that make the warm months so enthralling and intensely soothing. The album captures the awe of a world coming back to life after the cold dead of winter.

“Anagram” uses airy mellow synths to lull the listener to this new world with bright radiating undercurrents.

Halftribe places the listener in this context with atmospheric sounds: birds, babbling brooks and ambulance sirens amongst the city’s drumming tremors.

As the album progresses, a faint soft mellow drone deepens. Summer comes to a close and the anxiety of winter again approaches. “Until,” the album’s final track, captures the melancholy and apprehension of a summer tapering to its end. Still, a lingering brightness pervades.

Every summer turns into fall. We can thank Halftribe for delivering an album capable of transporting us to a hazy ambient world on demand. Forever.

Gabriela Montiel

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