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Shelf Nunny – Little Time We Have

shelf nunnyTalk about a velvet touch.

Seattle’s Christian Gunning is back with a second release under the Shelf Nunny brand. This five-track EP is among the best downtempo releases to cross my desk this year.

Available from local favourite Hush Hush Records, the EP’s promo sheet describes Gunning’s “exploration towards pop territory.” This is both an apt description and one he should be proud of.

These are top-shelf electronic pop songs. Absolutely world class. Little Time We Have is precisely what pop music should sound like in 2017.

“I Should Have Known” gets us started. It’s a textured instrumental with a bit of great knob turning behind a luxuriously timed beat.

“Good 2 CU,” featuring a pitch-perfect vocal by Noosa, comes next. It is our first indication that Little Time We Have is something special. This is the first time Shelf Nunny has paired himself with a singer. It’s a stunner.

“Polished” and “Washed Out” come next. Both feature Toronto-based AudioOpera on vocals. His style is less soulful than Noosa’s, but every bit as emotional.

Gunning is clearly comfortable sharing the spotlight with his partners. Together, these three have produced an EP you won’t soon tire of.

How many pop stars can make that claim?

Kevin Press


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