That Faint Light – That Faint Light

that faint lightThe thing that will strike you first about this marvelous disc from That Faint Light is the seamless combination of electronics and more conventional instruments on each of the 12 tracks. Together, Guido Lusetti and Adrian Lane have produced a brilliant, gentle album of advanced new classical works.

Except that the two aren’t together. Physically anyway.

Lusetti produces electronic music from his home in Emilia, Italy. Lane, who contributes piano, a bowed psaltery, banjo, zither, violin and a bowed guitar, is in Southend-on-Sea, England.

The duo’s work is deceivingly organic. Lusetti’s electronics are completely free of cliché. He lays a foundation for Lane’s work that is complex enough to stand on its own, and at the same time complements his partner’s additions.

Lane’s work has more classical references, not surprisingly given his choice of instruments. But his frequent use of the bow works with the electronics in a way that feels completely modern.

Albums as innovative as this one – that challenge its listeners from start to finish – are rarely this calming. That may be what’s best about this self-titled disc. There’s enough here to fully immerse yourself in the work, and that won’t be in the least bit difficult.

Kevin Press

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