Let’s Help Curtis Lehr

argiflexCurtis Lehr, a terrific young techno artist in Cleveland, Mississippi had her laptop lifted recently. Not only did she lose a number of works in progress, she’s now without her most important instrument.

Let’s give her a hand. A GoFundMe page is up with a very reasonable goal of $500.

She writes:

My Macbook Pro was stolen out of my boss’s car in Greenville MS. I’m just trying to raise money to get an equivalent machine and maybe a case for it (since they took my whole backpack.)

My Macbook has contained my life for years. I’m a live musician, recording artist, graphic designer, concert promoter, touring musician, and webpage designer. So this loss is a behemoth of a setback in my life. I’ve been unable to land a job for almost 2 years and I’ve been making ends meet with my digital skills, so losing access to my primary means of production is absolutely devistating! I lost project files and so much other information and assets I had accumulated. I cannot run my home-based recording studio without it, my audio interface doesn’t even work with any of my other devices.

My Macbook Pro was a low-tier 2011 model, which is about 10 generations old by now, and good ones can be found on eBay for $300-500 that would still be an upgrade from what I had. I may also factor in the price of a backpack + case to protect and transport the device.

Please help me out with this, every little bit is extremely appreciated <3 love you!

Note that she’s not even looking to upgrade here. Let’s help get this promising young musician back online.

Kevin Press

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