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Jen Gloeckner – Vine

JenDream pop is not a tag Iowa’s Jen Gloeckner uses to describe her most recent album Vine. Her preferences include ambient, alternative and experimental, all of which apply neatly. But whether or not this fine disc fits within the fuzzy confines of conventional dream pop, Gloeckner will dominate your thoughts – day and night.

Equal parts Emmylou Harris and Julee Cruise, Gloeckner is an enormous talent. She delivers all the confidence and swagger of a balls-out rock star without breaking a sweat. Her poise is seductively unshakable.

But that’s just the half of it. Beneath this glittering prize of a voice lays one of the strongest bedroom-produced albums you’ve heard this year.

There are more than a few ambient artists who’d be proud to include instrumental versions of “Blowing Through” and “Firefly (War Dance)” on their next disc.

Other tracks like “Colors” and “Prayers” will challenge roots audiences, and certainly win them over.

As for the album’s single “Counting Sheep,” well, it is practically flawless. Add it to your bedtime playlist tonight.

Seriously. Go. Do it now.

Kevin Press

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