Nick Sutton, Emika, Gazelle Twin – Angels Dreams Inches

Nick SuttonFair warning. A little more than three and a half minutes into this darkly foreboding record, you will be startled by a grotesque, inhaled scream. The fact that this occurs at the front end of an opening piece entitled “Angels” may cause you to wonder how such a terrible sound could ever be associated with cherubic messengers. It may also put you on your guard for the remainder of the recording.

A bit of prophylactic apprehension isn’t a terrible idea. Despite its understated title, Angels Dreams Inches is far from an easy listen. It’s an extraordinary work just the same.

Variously described as dark ambient, new classical and industrial, the album has been smartly packaged on red and black marbled vinyl by the Paper Folds label.

It features excerpts from three Nick Sutton soundtracks produced to accompany Ian Pons Jewell films – “Angels,” “1/4”” and “Dreamt In Flesh.” Two remixes of “Dreamt In Flesh” are added for good measure: one by Gazelle Twin and the other by Emika. (Don’t expect either to inspire much dancing, at least not the kind club kids would recognize.)

“Angels” is the album’s major work. In addition to the aforementioned cry for help, it includes a neat little homage to Steve Reich’s early piece “Clapping Music.”

It’s an expansive, ambitious piece that features an absorbing interplay between percussion, bass and electronics. It is serious, but still very listenable.

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