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I’m in love with In Love With A Ghost

In Love With A Ghost

Maël Madec is In Love With A Ghost.

This is something of a secret. Which isn’t right. In Love With A Ghost is the sweetest, most evocative music project I’ve heard since I returned to music writing last winter. Not sweet as in saccharine. Quite the reverse. This is all-natural, good-for-you sweet. The kind that will reaffirm your faith in electronic music.

Paris-based Madec’s recordings are gentle and packed with rich detail. He’s best known for the extraordinary track “We’ve never met but, can we have a coffee or something?” Viewed more than three million times on YouTube, it’ll take all of about 30 seconds to make you an admirer.

The new In Love With a Ghost album, healing, landed March 3. My only complaint is that it zips by a bit quickly. Five of its 10 tracks clock in at under a minute. Still, the simple beauty of “I know it’s not easy but you’re not alone anymore” and the bang-on electropop sensibility of the album’s title track, stand out among this year’s new releases.

Don’t limit yourself to this new release though. Madec’s full discography is on bandcamp.

Kevin Press

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