Must Hear: Pascal Comelade / Lee Ranaldo / Ramon Prats – Velvet Serenade

Genre: Velvet

Label: Staubgold, celebrating its 25th anniversary

Idea: “See, I believe in giving back. I might be the only writer that has interviewed all The Velvet Underground’s members through the years, from 1978 to 2022, and all those conversations, articles and experiences are now collected in Linger On: The Velvet Underground, a book that I hope will be shared by next generations. This Banyoles, Girona, concert was another way of giving back what the band and its members had given me since the mid-1970s, not just great art in the form of rock’n’roll at its most deep and challenging, but an outlook on life and everything else, an invitation to seek the beauty in truth and try to understand human behavior.“ Ignacio Julià, author of Linger On: The Velvet Underground

From a concert recording on April 28, 2022, Sonic Youth alum Lee Ranaldo, the great Pascal Comelade and drummer Ramon Prats have dragged the Velvets back to life with the same in-yo-face abrasiveness that made the originals so beautifully original. Credit Julià for his role as impetus.

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