Blue Spiral Records Announces Uto’Pians Vol. 4

Tim Linghaus, Monika Deja and Annasara Lundgren are among the composers featured on the fourth release in Blue Spiral Records’ Uto’Pians series. The new collection of piano works launches Mar. 21.

The new volume has been curated by Jordane Tumarinson. “I am amazed by nature … and I think it could be a good thing to participate in its preservation,” he says. “A utopian is a dreamer – today we need dreamers like us – who believe in harmony with society and with nature.”

The full list of composers includes:

  • Annasara Lundgren
  • Ben Crosland
  • Charlotte Reinhard
  • Bon Coeur
  • Élodie Sablier
  • Friedrich
  • George Denis
  • Josh Kramer
  • Kezia Tomsett
  • Marika Takeuchi
  • Monika Deja
  • Tim Linghaus
  • Raphael Eligoulachvili
  • Simon Leoza
  • Wilson Trouvé & Jordane Tumarinson

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