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Various Artists – Ambient Echoes, Vol. 1 – Anxiety/Hope

The Ambientologist and Echoes Blue labels have partnered on a new compilation of vocal ambient music entitled Ambient Echoes, Vol. 1 – Anxiety/Hope.

The collection features seven pieces, each of them a collaborative effort. The project seeks to combine “the labels’ two sonic profiles, with the open, sacred-sounding reveries of Echoes Blue, married with the more pensive, experimental-leaning sounds common to Ambientologist,” according to a press release.

Here’s the tracklist:

  • Anita Tatlow & Be Still The Earth – Respite
  • Henrik Meierkord & Sole Gipp Ossler – Slaap
  • anthéne & Clara Engel – Far From Your Fire
  • Karen Vogt & Simon McCorry – The Path Divides
  • Antarctic Wastelands & IKSRE – Solari
  • Good Weather For An Airstrike & 94 Skies – Algonquin
  • Jolanda Moletta & We Dream Of Eden – In Light

The artists were asked to produce work based on the collection’s theme: “the emotional spectrum between anxiety and hope.” The results vary in style, although not to such an extent that the album feels disjointed. A good deal of the 27-minute disc picks up where bands like Cocteau Twins left us.

“The Path Divides” by Karen Vogt & Simon McCorry is a rather tense exception, as is “Far From Your Fire” by anthéne & Clara Engel. Good Weather For An Airstrike & 94 Skies’ “Algonquin” is also noteworthy for its pure sweetness.

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