Cold Spring Schedules Reissue of 1983 Psychic TV Performance

The Cold Spring label has announced plans to reissue a 40-year-old live recording of Psychic TV in Reykjavik, Iceland. Those Who Do Not lands Feb. 23.

The full show is presented in its original sequence, and features recordings of the pagan marriage ceremony of Genesis and Paula P-Orridge.

The recording reflects the Psychic TV project in the thick of its first phase, featuring:

  • Genesis P-Orridge (vocals, violin, noise bass guitar)
  • Alex Fergusson (lead guitar)
  • John Gosling (prepared tape, drums)
  • Godkrist
  • Grey Wolf
  • Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
  • Thee TOPI Method
  • Priestess
  • Peter Christopherson
  • Geff Rushton

This is a vintage noise performance, fully analogue with all of the period’s post-punk trappings. Psychic TV was still very much a follow-on to its predecessor Throbbing Gristle at this stage. The group’s move to acid house and techno music came five years later.

Here’s a visual, from a Manchester performance in the same year.

The release will available on coloured vinyl, CD and as a digital download.

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