Haythem Mahbouli – Last Man On Earth

Tunisian composer Haythem Mahbouli will release a concept album about the end of humankind on Dec. 2. Last Man On Earth will be released by Schole Records.

“The recording rockets us into the future of a hostile earth wherein humanity itself faces extinction,” says Mahbouli. “The album envisions man’s final journey on our home planet and invites its listeners to immerse themselves into his last harrowing conquest. The end track scores the final days of the only surviving man on Earth. He is sick, he is breathless, but he captures a final message for the future, if there is one. His words are the last ever spoken.”

Featuring The Budapest Scoring Orchestra, Mahbouli adds piano, synthesizer and electronics. The album sits firmly within the intersection of new classical and advanced ambient composition. Its thick tension brings the work’s theme to life from start to finish.

Mahbouli, who calls Montreal home now, introduced himself to contemporary music lovers with his 2019 release Catching Moments in Time.

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