Vitalija Glovackyte and Architek Percussion Headlining at Toronto’s The Music Gallery

The Music Gallery in Toronto is promising “a night of sonic remixing and repurposing with two interdisciplinary takes on the afterlives of objects,” Nov. 26. Vitalija Glovackyte and Architek Percussion are the headliners. Joyce To is opening.

To is performing “The Machines that Hold Us,” a multimedia work by Nothing Else Left to Read – To and Tyler Cunningham – along with Sara Maston. The piece features sculpture, musical improvisation and machine learning to “speculate on future relationships between people and more-than-human entities.”

Glovackyte is joined by the Architek Percussion quartet in a performance of “We Are for a While.” The work “brings new life to broken instruments and lost-and-found machines through sound, stories and light.”

This is the first in a new series curated by Sara Constant entitled Emergents.

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