Must See: Biliana Voutchkova – Ruins Of Rules

Photo by Piotr Gruchala

Biliana Voutchkova has released a video of her new solo work, entitled “Ruins Of Rules.” This is a revised version for violin, voice, field recordings and mini-speaker installation.

Voutchkova says the piece is an exercise in freedom of expression. “The work has been created as a reflection of my wish to escape the boundaries between composed and improvised music creation,” she writes in the notes accompanying the new video. “The piece responds to the memory of its conceivement and following performances, searching for ways to transform and transport the material into the present moment. The score is ever changing as memories shift and some disappear with the time passing by. At the same time, as consciously as possible, I aim to preserve the content and perform the piece for many years to come.”

Voutchkova has also announced the release of a fifth recording in her DUOS2022 concert series. Bricolage III, performed with cellist Tomeka Reid, lands Nov. 7. You will find it on Voutchkova’s Bandcamp page.

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