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Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute Due Out Dec. 2

David Sylvian, Alva Noto, The Cinematic Orchestra and Fennesz are among the artists featured on a double-album collection of Ryuichi Sakamoto reworks. A Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto: To the Moon and Back is out on Milan Records Dec. 2.

Thundercat’s take on “Thousand Knives” is the first track to drop. The full track list includes 13 reworks:

  1. David Sylvian Remodel – Grains (Sweet Paulownia Wood)
  2. Thundercat Remodel – Thousand Knives
  3. Electric Youth Remodel – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
  4. Cornelius Remodel – Thatness & Thereness
  5. Hildur Guonadottir Remodel – World Citizen I Won’t Be Disappointed
  6. Alva Noto Remodel – The Sheltering Sky
  7. Fennesz Remodel – Amore
  8. Devonte Hynes Remodel – Choral No 1
  9. The Cinematic Orchestra Remodel – DNA
  10. Gabrial Wek Remodel – Forbidden Colors
  11. 404 Zero Remodel – The Revenant Main Theme
  12. Lim Giong Follow The Steps Remodel – Walker
  13. Yoshihide Otomo Remodel – With Show & Moonlight – Snow, Silence, Partially Sunny

Sakamoto announced in June that he has stage 4 cancer. This comes after two previous cancer diagnoses, in 2014 and 2021.

The composer has two new tracks that will be featured in the Netflix anime series Exception: “Opening for Exception” and “oxygen.” The show premiers Oct. 13. Its soundtrack LP follows the next day.

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