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Difficult Art and Music to Release Three-Volume Compilation this Fall

Difficult Art and Music is preparing a 51-track compilation in three volumes, to be released in October, November and December. bivouac of the avant​-​garde: contemporary minimal, electronic and experimental music runs four and a half hours in total.

The collection features James A. McDermid, Karen Vogt, Veins Full of Static, Audio Obscura, Robert Scott Thompson, Simon McCorry and others.

“The whole thing is coming out in three volumes across the rest of 2022 … culminating in a beautiful triple-cassette set, including a limited art print,” says label owner Daniel Hignell-Tully. The print features the series’ cover art, which is based on an 1884 painting by Edouard Geelhand entitled Bivouac d’avant-garde.

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