X Avant XVII Runs Oct. 12-15 in Toronto

The Music Gallery in Toronto has announced its lineup for next month’s X Avant XVII: Lifeworld. Andy Moor of The Ex, April Aliermo and Bijuriya are among the highlights.

“This year’s theme plays on the concept of remix culture,” says artistic director Sanjeet Takhar. “Not remix in terms of present-day club remixes, but as in how people move through the world and how diaspora cultures have picked up new sounds.”

Takhar was born in the northern Indian state of Punjab. She says that the concept behind Lifeworld came out of her childhood love of bhangra music. “We have four days of programming, dancing around the theme of how people move and migrate and create spicier, more interesting and authentic representations of their sounds.

“People grow up listening to so many different kinds of music,” says Takhar. “Their stories aren’t singular. What makes them move and make music is just as diverse as the world is.”

Tickets are at showclix.com.

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