Must See: Lori Goldston’s “The Waves and What’s Under”

Composer and cellist Lori Goldston has released a video of the piece “The Waves and What’s Under,” directed by transgender artist Clyde Petersen.

“Lori Goldston and I convened on a secret island in the Salish Sea to create the music video,” says Petersen. “The Boatel, a private guest house for visitors, was constructed out of an old wooden boat, cut into pieces and hauled onto the shore to be reassembled in the forest.”

The piece will be featured on Goldston’s LP High and Low, scheduled for release on Oct. 7 on the SofaBurn label.

She says it reflects an experience described by her friend Geneviève Elverum, the Canadian cartoonist, illustrator and musician who passed in 2016. Goldston says Elverum described “herself floating in the air about a mountain … I had a kind of vision about playing music that would help keep her floating easily there, and at the same time sustain the ripples of her presence in the world.”

During her 25-plus years making music, Goldston has worked with David Byrne, Nirvana and others.

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