New Olovson Video in Advance of March LP Release

Jacob Olofsson is best known for his part in the production team Jarami. The Grammy Award-winning duo has had a hand in multi-platinum releases by Frank Ocean, Dua Lipa and others.

He’s also a gifted new classical music composer and pianist, who’s planning a March 4 LP release under the name Olovson. Storytelling will come out on his label 1136 Diamond.

In advance, the award-winning artist and animator Anna Budanova has delivered a fascinating video for the piece “Epilogue.”

“I love Anna’s work and her style of using charcoal,” says Olofsson. “It was a real pleasure watching this video come to life. In a surreal place where the snow falls and objects float, there’s only one person observing and orchestrating it all – the sorcerer.”

This follows an earlier video release of another album track, “Gyroscope,” produced by Gabriel Böhmer.

“Gyroscope” is an official selection of the Encounters Film Festival, London International Film Festival and London Short Film Festival.

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