New Series Launched by Whitelabrecs

Harry Towell has launched another new series on his splendid Whitelabrecs label.

Dubbed eRecords, the releases will “aim to transform the digital format into something closer to how a listener might interaction with a real, white label vinyl record,” according to a promotionale mail. “Each edition includes a special PDF scrapbook including polaroids and liner notes.”

The first eRecord is from Towell’s solo project spheruleus, entitled inaugurate appropriately. It’s another in a long line of gorgeous ambient recordings from Whitelabrecs.

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Towell launched the Home Diaries series. Over a three-month period in 2020, 30 digital-only releases featured the work of locked down artists. The collection came to reflect a thoughtfully creative perspective on a genuinely difficult time.

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