Best of 2018 – H to K

h to k

The Best of 2018: A to C, D to G.

Haiku Salut – There Is No Elsewhere

Snorri Hallgrimsson – Orbit

Han – Tuning The Invisible

Francis Harris – Trivial Occupations

Jon Hassell – Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume One)

Sinjin Hawke And Zora Jons – Vicious Circles

Hilde Marie Holsen – Luzuli

The Illusion Of Silence – The White Summer

Jana Irmert – Flood

Philip Jeck – Arcade

Jobanshi – Superblock

Kabas + Luis Vicente + Carlos Godinho – Live At Smup/Negen

Kamaal Williams – The Return

Masaya Kato – Contact

Sean Khan – Palmares Fantasy

Quin Kirchner – The Other Side Of Time

Yakamoto Kotzuga – Slowly Fading

Kevin Press

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