The Moderns is expanding to three hours

Mixcloud coverGreat news from our friends at Radio Regent today. They’ve agreed to expand The Moderns from two hours to three, starting this Sunday.

The decision means the show will now air from 9 am to 12 noon ET. That’s 1-4 pm GMT.

Two reasons. First, we continue to receive more great music from around the world than we have an outlet for. Even with almost daily blog posts, weekly BADD PRESS Mixes and the two-hour radio program, the backlog is bigger than it should be. An extra hour of airtime will help.

Second, we’ve had feedback about the old timeslot being inconvenient for those outside of North America. The move positions us well for a larger percentage of listeners. And of course we’ll continue to post each week’s program on Mixcloud.

As always, you’re welcome to send music you’d like featured. Please contact

Kevin Press


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