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David Newlyn – Church Fires

church firesWhat kind of church fires are there? I know of two types. One is the type that happens metaphorically in the hearts of a church congregation.

The literal type of church fires that I know of are the ones committed by Varg Vikernes and his black metal cronies in Norway in the early 1990s. Interestingly enough, I can imagine this track narrating either of those cinematic visualizations.

Church Fires will put you in a trance. It’s like staring at a gigantic fire; its mellow fluctuations crackle and pop.

Its visions of divinity and optimism serve as bright undercurrents, further emphasized by the title’s reference to church.

Churches can be places of hope and optimism, but they can also be somber, solemn places. This track balances solemn sentiment and crisp bright drones to create its atmosphere.

David Newlyn leans towards the dark ambient side of the spectrum. His ephemeral approach is captivating and soul cleansing.

Gabriela Montiel

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