Various Artists – Rebuilding l’Alt Empordà

storungAlt Empordà, which sits on the northeastern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, is best known internationally for its Dali Theatre Museum. Visitors can find many of Salvador Dali’s original works there.

In January, the picturesque comarca was slammed by an EF2 category tornado with winds as high as 180 km/hr. Damage was reported in Cistella, Terrades and Navata. The storm’s 500-metre path stretched 19 km.

Barcelona’s Störung label – founded in 2006 by Alex Gámez (a.k.a. Asférico) – has put together a compilation album to raise funds. Rebuilding l’Alt Empordà features unreleased pieces from 20 international artists. The full list (in order of appearance) includes:

  • Zimoun
  • elufo
  • SaffronKeira
  • Mise_en_scene
  • Asmus Tietchens
  • Pink Twins
  • Giuseppe Ielasi
  • Frank Bretschneider
  • Scanner
  • Francisco López
  • Alina Kalancea
  • Mathias Delplanque
  • Federico Monti
  • Yui Onodera
  • Asférico
  • Barbara Ellison
  • Strotter Inst.
  • Sebastien Roux
  • Akamoi
  • Enrico Coniglio

The collection crosses more than geographical boundaries. It offers ambient, dark ambient, industrial, musique concrète and a variety of other styles, all infused with a healthy dose of experimentation.

Besides being a worthy cause, Gámez has compiled a fine collection of work that stretches over two hours. The album opens with Zimoun’s deeply atmospheric “Room 5.” If it was the Swiss artist’s intention to capture the sound of a gathering storm, he has succeeded. Its minimalism only adds to the tension.

Other highlights include SaffronKeira’s majestic drone piece “Breve Saggio,” Mise_en_scene’s quiet electronic “C_01” and Barbara Ellison’s “Vocal Phantoms#21.”

Truly though, there are no disappointments here. Great album. Great cause.

Kevin Press

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