fxbip – Eleison

fxbipVienna’s Indafinsta Rec./ label has a new cassette release from Montreal envelope-pusher fxbip this month. François-Xavier Vigneault-Marcil’s latest is a six-track primarily electronic work that looks back fondly on the genre’s earliest days.

That’s not a dig. At a time when so much electronic music is written to make you dance, it’s a treat to hear music written to make you want to climb into a UFO and hope for the best.

Eleison is the musical equivalent of Lumosity. It is so difficult, so wholly inaccessible that consuming it feels like a workout. You know it’s good for you, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

And it is good for you. Music this uncompromising says something important about its makers and its fanatics.

In a hyper-indexed world, where stories are written to match search engine results and marketers know more about us than our friends do, we need art that pays no mind to commercial interests. Music that makes no apologies.

Indafinsta makes light of itself as “a weird independent label for even weirder experimental music.” We could use more of that.

Kevin Press

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