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lindhagenIf you’re a fan of electronic and ambient music, and have been thinking about exploring the new classical genre, Jakob Lindhagen’s latest is the perfect entry point. The Stockholm-based composer and multi-instrumentalist has released a drop-dead gorgeous recording that is both innovative and eminently accessible.

Paces is recorded primarily for piano and string trio. And if that’s all we heard over the course of its 44 minutes, the album would be a major success.

Lucky for us, Lindhagen has an adventurous streak. In addition to a musical saw and zither, the album features a number of fortunate accidents that make this a great headphone listen.

A quote from his media release: ”I was recording with equipment that wasn’t always functioning properly,” says Lindhagen. “One microphone occasionally started to pick up radio frequencies. At times, it was really faint and turned out to be a detail just adding to the overall impression, so I decided to keep it. Other times it was really in your face … inspiring me to incorporate it into the composition.”

The effect of all this is to make Paces an even more absorbing listen. The unconventional sounds serve as a draw for ambient/electronic music aficionados. (So does the mastering credit earned by Taylor Deupree.)

In the final analysis though, these nine compositions are the real attraction. They are achingly sad, making this a standout on the excellent 1631 Recordings label.

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