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Mathias Delplanque – Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were here”

Mathias DelplanqueI’ve just submitted review of a terrific new release by France’s Philippe Foch and Mathias Delplanque. Performing together as Foch Delplanque, their new album Secret lands Monday.

While doing my research, I found this extraordinary free download from 2016.

Delplanque explains the piece on his BandCamp page:

“It is the digital recording of a cassette tape of Pink Floyd’s album ‘Wish You Were Here’ (1975). The cassette belonged to my father, and we used to listen to it a lot in the 70’s when I was a kid living in Burkina Faso. I found the tape a couple of years ago, and noticed that, for some reason, someone had stuck some masking tape on it, in order to record over the music. Therefore, the original sound of the tape is regularly cut-up, leaving places with accidental audio recordings, random sounds from a school party with children playing in the background, African music played on a sound system, and someone making announcements on the microphone.”

Things start to get interesting at 14:40.

Kevin Press

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