Foundling – Hope Is Red/Jordan

foundlingJonathan George Fox’s latest effort under the Foundling name landed at the end of July. Recorded for the adventurous videogamemusic label in London, England, it is a sharply challenging cassette from an impressive artist who has been far too quiet the last couple of years.

Fox keeps himself busy in multiple disciplines. That this is the first Foundling recording since 2014 is made up for by the tape’s strength. (He’s also contributed a piece to the more recently released ACR compilation the opposite of aloof vol. 2.)

Hope Is Red/Jordan was worth the wait. Fox hasn’t gone easy on us though. These eight tracks are full of heavy metal drone and sharp edges. If it were possible for a digital download to be radioactive, this one will have you reaching for a HAZMAT suit.

“Plasma” groans and screeches like a subway train (that is if subway trains were monsters that ate people rather than just shuttling them to work).

“Total Disruption” is something close to an ambient piece. It isn’t quite peaceful, but at least it doesn’t bite.

“Dark Bidding,” the album’s closer is another highlight. Heavily distorted, it’s a densely absorbing listen.

videogamemusic has produced a limited run of 40 screen-printed cassettes. A digital download is also available.

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