New Order in Chicago – 1983 (free download)

new-order-blue-monday-pg-83jpg-30fd56bf9f9e181aA big Kangol tip to The Power of Independent Trucking for securing a copy of New Order’s legendary 1983 set at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago. I’ve written before about what an important year that was for the Mancunian hit makers. This previously hard-to-find bootleg represents a high point during the band’s most creative period.

“Blue Monday” was tearing it up in the clubs. Power, Corruption & Lies was earning the quartet accolades they’d not received since Ian Curtis’ untimely death. It was a fruitful period that fused English alt-pop sensibilities with a genuinely innovative American night club scene.

The setlist reads like a new wave time capsule:

  • Confusion
  • Chosen Time
  • The Village
  • Truth
  • Leave Me Alone
  • Your Silent Face
  • Denial
  • Age Of Consent
  • Ceremony
  • In A Lonely Place

Analog Loyalist has put a download link up on We Transfer this week.  If you prefer, you can also find an audio recording of the set on YouTube.

Kevin Press

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