Covarino/Incorvaia – Granada

granadaThink back to your favourite indie pop record. Now, cue up that amazing ballad you love so much. Press play. Let me know when you get to the bridge. Yes, the one with the spacious drumming and laid-back guitar. Nice, right?

Now that you’re in the right mood, check out this wonderful new disc from drummer Francesco Covarino and guitarist Alessandro Incorvaia. Recorded live to tape, without edits, Granada combines everything we love about low-fi guitar and drums with a lavish ambient sensibility.

The two Italian artists grew up together in the city of Perugia, the capital of the country’s Umbria region. They live apart now – Alessandro in London and Francesco in Spain. The duo travelled to Granada, Spain to produce this 25-minute mini-album in May 2016.

Not one of these six tracks will disappoint. Titled simply “Granada #1” through “Granada #6,” the artists say they want to leave the interpretation of their work up to us.

“Granada #3” is a particular highlight. Covarino’s drumming is exquisitely searching. It’s also a piece that features Incorvaia at his most obviously ambient. It’s not unlike the other five tracks, but it is a clear standout.

Kevin Press

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