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Vessels 5

Whatever you’re planning to add to your music collection next, put it on hold. The new Future Astronauts compilation, Vessels V, is the best thing going right now. Bar none.

This fifth album in the U.K. label’s series of lo-fi ambient comps boasts 15 tracks, every one of them a stunner.

I emailed Future Astronauts’ Jon and Justin to learn more.

“The Vessels compilation series has been an ongoing work that showcases artists who produce lo-fi, ambient or garage music,” they wrote. “With this compilation, we aimed at giving back to a cause that supports problems that affect a lot of people in our community. All of us have been affected by mental health issues or suicide, whether directly or indirectly. We hope to both raise money and awareness for these issues.”

Proceeds from Bandcamp downloads go to a U.K. group called Mind and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a U.S. outfit.

There’s been real progress made on mental health issues in recent years. Millennials in particular can take a lot of credit for that. Their progressive take on the subject is contributing to real change around the world.

“The more we leave unsaid the more these issues can be stigmatized and misunderstood,” they told me. “It’s easy to forget that these occur in the lives of ordinary people every day. Vessels V is meant to open a platform that gives artists a chance to both familiarize themselves with mental health and suicide and also express themselves through supporting the project with music or with donations. We will keep pushing to raise awareness with future compilations.”

Future Astronauts has a knack for organizing extraordinary talent. Their podcast is required listening for electronic music lovers.

“We’ve been producing the podcast for about three years in total now, and we plan on keeping it going for as long as possible,” they said. “We’re planning on another Vessels release within the next 12 months.”

Can’t wait.

Kevin Press

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