Jean-Philippe Gross – Curling and Reflex

September is a month for celebrating industriousness. In the northern hemisphere, summer is drawing to a close. Our children have returned to school and workplaces buzz with preparations for another year-end. French composer Jean-Philippe Gross is making more than his share of contributions to all of this. He has produced two new albums, and launched … Continue reading Jean-Philippe Gross – Curling and Reflex

Clarice Jensen – Drone Studies

Brooklyn’s Clarice Jensen has established an international reputation as an accomplished cellist, composer and collaborator. Her resume includes recordings and performances with a long list of heavyweights: Jóhann Jóhannsson, Max Richter and Blonde Redhead among them. She’s also artistic director of the American Contemporary Music Ensemble. Drone Studies is her second solo release. As the … Continue reading Clarice Jensen – Drone Studies