The Moderns ep. 148

Cool Person - Hands pile up 0.00 James Osland & Finn Kelvin - All The Different Shades Of Loneliness 0.58 Michèle Bokanowski - Rhapsodia 4.32 ANMA - 1#01.18 20.35 m.t. scott - PART 3 - The Patient 25.13 Tomoko Mukaiyama - Nocturnal 31.07 Thollem & Susan Alcorn -3 38.52 Visionist - Winter Sun 45.26 Yair Etziony - Terraform Destroy All 49.38 Sebby Kowal - … Continue reading The Moderns ep. 148

Discussions: Lorenzo Bracaloni/Fallen

Italian composer Lorenzo Bracaloni's latest features piano, electric piano, guitars, synthesizers, voice and field recordings. Like previous recordings, Ljós is presented with extraordinary attention to detail. Recording under the name Fallen, Bracaloni makes ambient music that doesn't rely on the genre's many cliches. One gets the impression that the careful attention he pays to his … Continue reading Discussions: Lorenzo Bracaloni/Fallen

The Moderns ep. 147

Colin Webster - Glots of Viscera 0.00Dee Byrne, Craig Scott, Cath Roberts - Live at BRÅKFest 2.54 Otherchannels - CMYK Day Pt.2 33.29 Passepartout Duo - Epigram V 38.13 Benjamin Finger - Auditory Colors 40.07 Chelou - Sugarloaf Mountain (Instrumental) 44.55 blochemy - inno 47.41 Fallen - LJOS II - ricordo dolce 51.18 M. Rahn - Changes 59.22 Masaya Kato & Valotihkuu - … Continue reading The Moderns ep. 147

The Moderns ep. 146

Jacob David - Mursejler 0.00 Dag Rosenqvist - 1980 2.51 Marsha Fisher - Clouds Over Shoemaker Marsh 6.22 Marcello Liverani - Shimmering Ice 22.46 Celer - After Departures 26.02 Danielle de Picciotto - The Element of Love 29.40 A Beautiful Idea - Reflection (Darren J. Holloway Remix) 33.03 Gus Garside and Hervé Perez - The Teacher 36.54 Chris Pattishall - Gemini 41.54 ICP Septet … Continue reading The Moderns ep. 146

Marcello Liverani – Shapes Vol. 1 Italian composer and performer Marcello Liverani says his new EP has a second inspiration, besides the Zen philosophy that so often informs his gently beautiful work. It is the photography of the great Fan Ho, whose mostly candid documentation of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960s earned him international acclaim. Ho passed in … Continue reading Marcello Liverani – Shapes Vol. 1

Distant Animals – Constancy blooms: An Abridged History of Rust

Today is the 10th anniversary of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s resignation, following 18 days of protest that were part of the region’s Arab Spring. We will recognize a host of similarly consequential 10-year anniversaries in the weeks and months ahead: the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Japan that led to the … Continue reading Distant Animals – Constancy blooms: An Abridged History of Rust