Masaki Hayashi & Seigen Tokuzawa – Drift

When we think about diversity only in terms of identity, we short-change its potential. No question, there is tremendous value to be found in bringing together people of various cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations and so forth. But there is so much more to genuine diversity than identity politics. Investment management companies provide a useful illustration. … Continue reading Masaki Hayashi & Seigen Tokuzawa – Drift

Hanging Valleys – Behind the Backs of Houses

London duo Hanging Valleys is out with a new EP that is near breathtaking in its tenderness. Thom Byles and Michael Phillips describe their music as “ambient-indie,” which is both accurate and woefully insufficient as an expression of what they do. Byles and I connected by email last week. How did you meet, and what … Continue reading Hanging Valleys – Behind the Backs of Houses