Heroines of Sound Festival Runs July 7-9

Berlin's Heroines of Sound Festival opens July 7. The all-female program features 30 artists from 20 countries. Attendees can expect "10 world premieres, unfolding past and present contemporary sound art and advanced pop, sound and film bars, workshops, panels and radio and video contributions" according to a press release. The lineup includes Norma Beecroft, Marcelle … Continue reading Heroines of Sound Festival Runs July 7-9

Friday Five: May 13, 2022

This week's picks: An Moku | Stefan Schmidt - Zwischenraum (Karlrecords) India Gailey - to you through (Redshift Music) Hard Rubber Orchestra - Iguana (Redshift Music) Martin Küchen - Utopia (thanatosis) David Lee Myers - Xenography (Pulsewidth) And from the archives: Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq - The Indestructibility of the Already Felled (Schole Records)

Sound Art Mixtape 18

Laura Romero - MASA 0.00 bleed Air - Mars Yard 4.37 Jim Haynes - Abruptly Scattered 7.09 The Corrupting Sea - Chamber I 13.22 Erik Griswold - Wolf Moon 31.01 EARTHFLESH & DECONSTRUCTOR - BETHLEHEM 53.38 David Lee Myers - GEO 1 Laurentia 1.12.40 Lijnenspel - 3 minutes 1.26.56