Five New Releases from Shimmering Moods

Next month marks the seventh anniversary of the debut release from Amsterdam’s Shimmering Moods Records. Paul (he prefers to go by his first name only) continues to introduce us to well-appointed ambient releases. The label’s consistent high quality stands out in a more-than-crowded corner of contemporary music.

This month’s batch of new releases features five lovely additions:

Tokyo’s Yosuke Kakegawa produced Remnant last summer, with synthesizers, an FM transmitter, cassette recorder and field recorder.

Forest of Suien by DUP SYS features water sounds mostly, using hydrophones and other equipment.

Ozbolt’s Dreamstate Baby is described as “a deserted nocturnal hot spring, garnished by tired car parts that seek absolution in the golden steam rising towards the heavens.”

A Certain Place’s contribution is Lapses. It features archived work, further developed with synthesizers, field recordings and resampling.

k.burwash says the new release Holding Air incorporates sounds that have been “eroded, rearranged, reorganized, providing a result which drifts and echoes recalling forgotten places, lost times through a cracked lens.”

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