New Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Afghan Musicians

Worlds Within Worlds and Art As Catharsis have launched a Pozible campaign to assist Afghan musicians living in exile.

“For musicians in Afghanistan, the return of the Taliban is a disaster, bringing with it the threat of violence and persecution,” writes Lachlan Dale, manager of both labels. “Unable to practise their art, continue their traditions, or simply earn a living, many musicians have sought to leave the country.

“This project aims to film and record performances from migrant musicians living in Mashhad – including some of Afghanistan’s most important folk and classical artists – and pay them for their time.”

Dale is joined on the project by filmmaker and musician Michel Gasco. He has become acquainted with several of the Afghan artists living in an Iranian city called Mashhad, considered something of a safe haven for them.

“We wanted to find a meaningful way to show our support and solidarity with the Afghan music community,” writes Dale. “This project not only puts a spotlight on the conditions faced by Afghan musicians – but more importantly, it gives people a sense of the vibrant artistic heritage of the country. People often only see images of conflict and war, and what they miss is the creativity and culture.”

Dale says he and Gasco are committed to delivering 100% of the project’s profits to the musicians.

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