Best of 2018 – O to S

n to s

The Best of 2018: A to CD to GH to K, L to M.

Oberman Knocks – Trilate Shift

Orcastratum: Orcastratum

Daniela Orvin – Home

Åke Parmerud – Grains

(ph)authers – (ph)authers

Ryan Porter – The Optimist

Prairie – After The Flash Flood

Michael Price – Tender Symmetry

R.A.N. – Şeb-I Yelda

Trevor Ransom – Spring

Stephanie Richards – Fullmoon

Manja Ristić – The Nightfall

Riverkeeper – Desire Paths Of The Sun & Moon

Roam – Remnants

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Async Remodels

Bruno Sanfilippo – Unity

Shuttle358 – Field

Geneva Skeen – A Parallel Array Of Horses

Sonae – I Started Wearing Black

Spirit Radio – A Light Is Running Along The Ropes

Alexandra Stréliski – Inscape

Nick Sutton, Matthew Faulkner – Preludes/Renders

Kevin Press

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