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Video Premiere: Benjamin Louis Brody & The Lovelies – Oscillations


After kindly inviting me to premiere “Oscillations” last year, Benjamin Louis Brody is set to launch a video of the work shot with improvisational dance group The Lovelies. I’m pleased to present its premiere for you today.

“I’ve been collaborating with The Lovelies now for about five years,” says Brody. “They are co-founded by five women and are a fourth-generation compositional improvisation company which had its beginnings with Judith Dunn, dancer, and Bill Dixon, (predominantly) trumpet player in the 1960s.”

Brody and The Lovelies have worked together for more than four years. “Throughout our collaboration we’ve created ensemble works of dance and music in the moment – no structure or otherwise previously agreed-upon content is determined in advance except usually the duration of the work.

“In this particular case, it wasn’t any different, except that they heard the music prior to shooting the video. The first shot in the corridor is filmed straight through, with no edits other than slight manipulation of the footage. We discussed the concept and how to relate the movement and environment to the music. The music has a pretty hectic undertone as the trombones come into focus singing a song of grandeur. I wanted big gestures combined with pedestrian movements, which I think creates (like the music) a push and pull for the viewer. You feel something with this combination, and I believe it will be different for each viewer; a very personal experience.”

“Oscillations” features Brody on synthesizer and two trombonists: Alaina Alster and Max Sholl.

Kevin Press

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